Giclee prints

We ship prints around the world. Giclee prints are professional inkjet prints using eight light-fast, archive inks on papers with a protective UV coating. Prints are available in A4, A3 and A2 formats. Prints on canvas can be found under the 'canvas prints' category, they are made to order.

Format sizes: 

A4 -  21cm x 29.7 cm for € 24,  
A4 + mount € 34,  
A3 -  29.7 cm x 42 cm for € 42,  
A3 + mount € 52,  
A2 -  42 x 59.4 cm for € 85.

Giclee prints


  • Animals
    <p>Mooo, baaah, snork, cluck, quack, woof, sissss...</p>
  • Sports
    <p>The sporty types in Gascony. Rugby men, golfers, hunters and fishermen</p>
  • Country roads
    <p>On country lanes one meets all sorts of things</p>
  • Farm life
    <p>Life down on the funny farm</p>
  • Gardening
    <p>Having a dig at the green-fingered crowd</p>
  • Village life
    <p>Village life is one full of gossip and gatherings</p>
  • Traditions, fairs &...
    <p>Traditional French markets and cultural country fairs are full always of characters</p>
  • Places
    <p>A selection of towns and villages that have appeared in Perry's drawings</p>
  • Cuisine
    <p>Classic French cuisine given an Anglo Gascon twist</p>
  • Wine
    <p>Wine, If it's good enough for Bacchus, it's good enough for me</p>
  • Jazz
    <p>Take five</p>
  • Pilgrims
    <p>It ain't heavy, it's my rucksack</p>
  • Classic cars
    <p>I love the smell of a classic car interior. I'll have a 2CV one day...</p>
  • Expats and visitors
    <p>You love it when they arrive, you love it more when they leave.</p>
  • Tractors
    <p>Old french tractors in all their shapes and forms</p>
  • Celebrations
    <p>Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, retirement, new home, etc...</p>

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